Container Sales - New and Used Storage Containers for Sale

One Trip Containers

 One trip Containers are essentially new units that have been manufactured overseas loaded with cargo once and then sold. One Trip Containers may have some minor dents and scuffs from loading and unloading. AZ Strongbox offers New and Used Shipping Containers for Sale.

Cargo Worthy Containers

 Cargo Worthy Containers have been used in the transportation industry usually for about 10 years and have been retired from transportation use. Expect to find some minor repairs, dents, and minor rust pitting. 

WInd and Water Tight Containers

 Wind and Water Tight Containers are the lowest grade of containers that are offered by AZ Strongbox. These containers are usually more than 10 years old, in many cases these containers have had multiple repairs, multiple dents, and more pronounced surface rusting or pitting.